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MSU Reporter Frequently Asked Questions

MSU Reporter FAQ

  • What is the MSU Reporter?

The MSU Reporter is a student run newspaper at Mankato State University.

  • Who runs the Reporter?

The Reporter is run by an editorial board of four MSU students.

  • How do I submit a letter to the editor?

Go to the Reporter’s Letters to the Editor page and fill out the requested information.

  • Where can I find advertising information?

The MSU Reporter’s Media Kit is the best place to find information on advertising in the Reporter.

  • Where can I find audio podcasts?

Audio podcasts can be found under the multimedia tab on the Reporters website.

  • When is the Reporter published?

The Reporters is published Tuesdays and Thursdays during the academic year. The Reporters publication calendar has specific dates of publication.

  • What are are some other ways I can keep updated on the Reporter?

The Reporter can be followed on social networking sites Facebook and Twitter.

  • Who is on the advertising sales staff?

The Reporter sales staff is made up of five MSU students, two specializing in regular issues and three specializing in supplemental issues.

  • Where do i find on-campus news?

On-campus news can be found under the news tab on the Reporter’s website.


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