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Journalism of Tomorrow

The article 8 Must-Have Traits of Tomorrow’s Journalist by Vadim Lavrusik immediately grabbed my attention with the first section about entrepreneurial and business savvy. This concept struck me because the idea of starting my own paper has honestly never crossed my mind. Looking forward into the future of my career this business focused aspect of journalism is something I will need to improve.

As I continued to read Lavrusik’s article I was again reminded of my shortcomings. The second section was about how journalist’s with some background in programing are becoming more employable as primary new sources are moving online. Honestly, beyond the basic principles I know as much about programing as Snooki from MTV’s Jersey Shore knows about the specifics of President Obama’s Healthcare plan. For those of you that don’t follow Jersey Shore that is a small about. Again, this is a skill I will work hard to improve so I can keep up with this world of Mass Communications that is changing so quickly.

I am not completely void of journalistic skills. Two of the sections, one talking about basic journalism skills and the other referring to journalists of tomorrow needing to be social journalists, I have a solid base of knowledge to build from. I have always enjoyed writing and I believe I can improve my basic journalism skills all the time. The section about social journalism also fit my skill set because I feel I am skilled at communicating with people. The article spoke about how in this modern time credibility is becoming an individual burden to bear. I am confident in my ability to create a community through different forms of communication online and offline.

A skill I thought was surprisingly overlooked was more use of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.  As the time goes by these sites continue to grow and are becoming a great way communicating with people.  Going along with the community aspect of future journalism Lavrusik talked about the need to be open-minded in the storytelling of different stories. This is one thing I am excited to learn more about, because the world of journalism is improving so fast. I love that instead of getting a sunday paper that includes a picture and a well-written story, readers can now go online and get videos, graphs, and entire slide shows of pictures on the same article. This is an area I want to improve the most because it is the future. I do not want to be left behind.


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